Behind the Scenes of League of Legends 2019 World Championship Opening Ceremony

From October 2 to November 10, 2019, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, an esports tournament for the video game, League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, raged virtual battles until a champion rose above the competition. This prestigious and popular event established itself as the most watched esports event with a total of 100 million viewers and a peak of 44 million concurrent viewers on the day of the final round. The $1.1 million championship match took place at the AccroHotels Arena on November 10 in front of 15,000 fans and was broadcast in 16 different languages.

A massive, technically challenging Opening Ceremony, presented by MasterCard, launched the momentous occasion. Each year, Riot Games challenges itself to top the last year; with a dragon and a virtual portal at the two previous ceremonies, the 2019 ceremony had a lot to outdo, and it did. Take a look behind the scenes at the 10 months it took to develop the 10 minutes of impressive production.

Watch the full 2019 Opening Ceremony here.