Bandit On Tour With Lemar


Bandit Lites is supplying lighting equipment and crew for sold out UK theatre tour of Lemar, the popular British R&B crooner who won a "Best Urban Artist" Brit Award in 2004.

Lighting designer Arturo Ollandini has created a dynamic, imaginative show from a modest sized lighting rig, proving that size–even when expedient–can be a great creative spur as "every light on the rig has to multi-task and work hard," Ollandini says.

Ollandini worked with the pre-existing set, which consists of a central staircase and a walkway at the back. During the tour, the stage is occupied by a large band and the very energetic Lemar, who uses the full stage throughout his performance. Lemar’s show is highly interactive show, as he constantly communicates with his fans, so Ollandini keeps him well lit at all times with the band in the background illuminated more subtly.

Ollandini placed four stand-mounted 5K fresnels with color changers upstage, to fill the rear-mid-high gaps and get some low-level wash lighting along the back. The fresnels large, distinctive shapes also add a sense of form and shape to the stage.

The rig consists of Martin MAC 500s and MAC 600s, spread across the front and rear trusses as well as the stage floor. The MACs do most of the effects lighting in the show as well as add to the general washes and work in conjunction with the 5Ks.

The front truss also contains ETC Source Fours® with scrollers for key lighting and Pulsar Chroma Blocks–purchased for the tour by Bandit–used to link scenes between songs. Two-cell DWE duet units light the audience. Other equipment for the tour includes Altman 30-cell battens (Zip Strips), floor-mounted half mirror balls, and a starcloth. Ollandini is operating with a Wholehog 2. The crew consisted of just Ollandini and Bandit regular Jim Allison.

A 16’x12’ video screen sits at center stage, and Ollandini is running a Catalyst digital media server for seven songs. Some footage was supplied by The Field, and he is also using some abstract stock Catalyst library clips in the visual mix. Video is being tech’d by Ed Moore, and supplied by XL Video/Blink TV. Sound is from Wigwam, front of house engineer is Basil Fernley, working with Dan Stead on monitors.

Bandit continues its relationship with Production North on the tour, which is being production managed by Sarah Hollis, and project managed for Bandit by Lester Cobrin.

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