Amy Carr: On Tour With Phil Vassar Photos: Amy Carr

Amy Carr: On Tour With Phil Vassar

Meet Amy Carr, LD/progammer, who is on the road a lot lately, in a tour  about which she says, "We have dates peppered throughout the year. KInd of weekend warrior style."  

What tour are you working on now and what is your job title... and what does that mean you are doing on a day-to-day basis in terms of the tour?

I am the lighting director for Phil Vassar. I run the load in, program, and operate the show. Aside from some stylistic input from the artist, I have a lot of creative freedom to design the show as well. It's a very dynamic performance so I enjoy making design choices that keep up with the changes in the production.

How did you get started in the lighting field; who are your mentors, or important job steps?

I actually made a career change during a poor economy following 9/11.  Living in Austin, TX, I already had friends working in the industry so I linked in from there. Once I got my hands on some lights I was obsessed. I gained a strong foundation during my time in Austin, but for me flying the coop and seeing what else was "out there" was a huge step in gaining perspective about what I wanted to accomplish. 

After Austin, I spent lengths of time working in NY, LA, SF, DC, and toured the US. I've also spent a lot of my own time taking workshops and certifications to keep myself knowledgeable and current with industry trends and technology. Continuing education is paramount, and it's super fun when you love what you do.

I'm incredibly grateful to have had so many people guide me and encourage my development along the way. Richard Cadena has been an outstanding role model and mentor to me and his unending support has truly helped me to evaluate and navigate my path as it shifts and transforms. Also, my grandMA2 trainer Esteban Caraciolo from A.C.T Lighting has been exceptionally supportive, from helping me technically to sharing his friendship and experiences, giving me confidence to improve and take bold strokes. It's inspiring to have such strong examples of what one can accomplish with perseverance and a positive attitude. I'm lucky to know such caring, talented people who recognize my potential and wish to help me succeed.

What is the best advice you ever got?
Don't ask someone to do something you've never done yourself.

The worst advice?"It doesn't matter. Don't worry about it.”  People who don't care about their craft as much as you do will only get in your way if you let them. Don't listen. Make it right, make it tight.

What would you tell students who want to get into lighting today?

Be brave enough to roll up your sleeves and try new things but don't be arrogant. If you challenge yourself to learn something new every single day, you'll always be a step ahead.



Phil Vassar

Touring lighitng gear list:

High End Systems Roadhog 3

15 Philips Color Kinetics LED ColorBlast

4 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe

4 Martin Professional Mac 500


(Additional gear comes from what each tour  venue has available)









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