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Aerosmith’s Las Vegas Residency, Part Three: Special Effects Design

Aerosmith's ongoing concert residency, Deuces Are Wild, began in April at the Park Theater in Las Vegas and will run through December. Deuces Are Wild features creative direction by Amy Tinkham and is produced by Steve Dixon, who worked with the band’s management to hire design and production studio Fireplay to design, direct, and produce the residency. With art direction by Jamie Lew, Deuces Are Wild features visuals by designer/animator Olivia Sebesky and content creation by visual effects company Pixomondo. Fireplay’s executive director of R&D, Kelly Sticksel, designed the special effects and lasers.

Click through the slideshow to learn more about the SFX design, and check out Part One on the lighting and stage design and Part Two on the video design.


  • Producer: Steve Dixon
  • Creative Director: Amy Tinkham
  • Art Director: Jamie Lew
  • Assistant Director / Choreographer: Scotty Nguyen
  • Production Designer: Josh Zangen
  • Associate Designers: Alex Innocenti, Benny Or
  • Lighting Designers: Nick Whitehouse, Steven Douglas
  • Assistant Lighting Designer: Brian Vaughan
  • Lighting Director: Cosmo Wilson
  • SFX & Laser Designer: Kelly Sticksel
  • Laser Programmer: Will Kent
  • Content Creation: Pixomondo, Olivia Sebesky, Jamie Lew
  • Pre-Show Video Art Direction: Olivia Sebesky
  • Pixomondo Creative Director / Animator: Juan Delcan
  • Editor: Nick Gartner
  • D3 Programming: Rich Porter
  • Video Director: Colleen Wittenberg


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