The Activity Lights The 20th Anniversary Of Ultra

Ultra Musical Festival is a massive, global production that includes 32 festivals across 17 countries every 12 months. To help maintain brand image and production quality, Ultra calls on production and design firm The Activity for its notable knowledge of overall production design and technical management. 

Check out plots for the Main StageCarl Cox Megastructure, and Worldwide Stage.

Ultra Miami 2018 Vendors:

Lighting & Video

AG Production Services – Main, Resistance (Megastructure), and Worldwide Stages


Mountain Productions – Main Stage

AG Production Services - Resistance (Megastructure) and Worldwide Stages

Pyro, SFX, Water Features, & Lasers

Pyro Engineering - Main, Resistance (Megastructure), and Worldwide Stages


3G Productions – Main Stage

Sound Investment - Resistance (Megastructure) and Worldwide Stages

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