9 Concert Movies To Take On Your Summer Travels

Whether your work or a well-deserved vacation leads to long hours on an airplane or tour bus this summer, hopefully you’re able to use some of that time to focus and relax. Why not revisit some of the moments that might have inspired you to get into this business in the first place? This summer watch list will take you back to the roots of the concert business, through the growing pains and triumphs as production values grew larger and more complex, with a focus on the incomparable creativity and vision of these iconic artists and their technical teams. Maybe you’ll rediscover something that moved you, or perhaps learn something new; in any case, it’s all accompanied by some of the best music ever performed live, wrapped in truly stunning cinematography. Whether you’ve seen these classics countless times and you’re ready for another look, or there’s a gem here you never got around to checking out, you can’t go wrong with anything on this list. Happy viewing and safe travels.

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