31 Days of Plots: Billie Eilish's Where Do We Go? World Tour

To reflect on the creative, innovative moments of 2020 and to welcome the hope that the New Year brings, Live Design is conducting 31 Days Of Plots. Every day during the month of December 2020, we will highlight a different lighting design, from across theatre, concert tours, corporate events, and more.

Lighting designer Tony Caporale of Infinitus Vox was shortlisted for Live Design's 2020 Design Achievement Awards for his lighting in Billie Eilish's Where Do We Go? World Tour featuring production design by Moment Factory. He wanted the lighting fixtures to complement the extensive automation in the show. Collaborating with associate lighting designer, Darien Koop, and associate drafting/crew chief, Wayne Kwiat, he lined the automated catwalks with Astera Titan Tubes and GLP impression X4 Bar 20s for a sleek, linear look that could create both dynamic lighting effects and illuminate the artist on the lift and the audience below. With a large, upstage video look, Caporale created powerful, flexible lighting looks with an automated grid of lighting trusses to change up the positions from song to song to give each song its own personality.

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