Fenix Stage At Red Valley Festival

(Fabiana Gillone)

In Italy, Arbatax (Sardinia), an imposing Phoenix came to life to become the set of one of most important edm festivals in Italy. In editions 2015 and 2016, performed on this stage international artists like Steve Aoki, Deorro, Ingrosso and many more.

This stage was conceived and designed by stage designer Paolo Gaddari, who was also Executive Producer of 2015 edition, and architect Gloria Sedda, for Matrix Architecture & Design.


Our idea was to create a clear and luminous structure, more easily "moldable" in terms of light and colors than a "technological stage" or a stage with highly visible iron. We thought to inspire origami, the ancient Japanese art of folding paper to make figures and three-dimensional objects.

In order to make feasible the structure and its mounting, and to give a three-dimensional effect that would befit the projected lights, we decided to split the figure into pieces, each consisting of a custom-made frame on which to apply the perforated mesh sheets, even those designed and tailored to each piece.


The entire set was made with 63 total pieces, ranging from 1 up to 4.5 m wide. The opening of the Phoenix wings (width) led us to carry out a "overhang" in the two sides of the structure and the effect has convinced us from first renders, as they called it the best forms of the stage and will further exalted majesty. We thought we'd give the central ledwall a diamond shape to further enhance the symmetry of the structure. Once completed, project was sent to the light designer Marco Zoa, who made the lighting design. 


  • 40 Raptor DTS
  • 24 Flash 4000 DTS
  • 30 Atomic 3000 MARTIN
  • 34 Fos DTS
  • 6 CO2 Cannons
  • 4 Fire Machines
  • 4 Fog Machines


  • Frog 96 ZERO88


  • X-Treme              
  • 28 HTMLA Line Array
  • 14 HPX 36


  • 8 XTMLA Line Array
  • 4 x XTMLA Subwoofer Line Array


  • Soundcraft Si3


  •    Promoter: Ass. Red Valley
  •    Stage Design: Paolo Gaddari, Gloria Sedda
  •    Light Design: Marco Zoa

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