Coemar has extended its 10-year relationship with Gardaland, Europe's second largest theme park (Coemar is the park's exclusive supplier of moving lights). The company fabricated a custom outdoor Christmas lighting spectacular for Gardaland's Prezzemolo festival, illuminates the new musical fable Fantasy on Ice, and supplied intelligent lighting to the park's new feature, Fantasy Kingdom, a cartoon-like miniature village.

The Christmas decorations for the Prezzemolo tree, based on a children's comic strip, were specially developed by Coemar's Mauro Favalli; the display consists of 400m (1,320') of small Christmas lights, brought to life with four Antari snow machines (also distributed in Italy by Coemar). In the Ice Stadium, the rink is now lit with 16 Coemar iSpot 575s and several Panorama Cyc Powers fitted with twin 575W MSD lamp sources, again used with Antari smoke and snow machines. Favalli provided the Christmas decorations in the form of peripheral fairy lights and a giant chandelier over the rink. All the lighting and special effects support the DMX protocol and interface with SMPTE time code. At the new Fantasy Kingdom, Coemar enhanced the scenographic effects by supplying its Theatre Line, 650W Theatre Spots and 500W Theatre Washes, fitted with barndoors on dimmer control.

Gardaland's show director Gianfranco Bollini allocates a budget of $80,000 each year to upgrade the park's intelligent lighting, and a further $10,000 is allocated to the Christmas lighting. “We have always had a very good relationship with Coemar, who provides us with excellent service,” he says. Coemar sales manager Giorgio Radice adds, “Every year, Gardaland invests in a new attraction and we sit down and discuss their requirements. Mr. Bollini is a great fan of moving heads and it's up to us to create new and exciting ways in which they can use them.”