Coachella Main Stage Gear And Crew

Coachella Main Stage Gear And Crew

Coachella Main Stage

Creative And Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer: Jamie Jensen
Production Manager: Neil Ryan
Crew Chief: Dak Harris
FOH: Chad Smith, James Ayers
Lighting Crew: Chris Lose, Steve Roman, Matt Schneider, Bill Settle, Terry Smith, Randy Foote
Staging: Donn McCusker
ESP Programming: Erin Anderson
Crew Chief: Peter Alexander
Head Rigger: Ken Flagg
Riggers: Flavio Kim, Alex Lundie

Lighting Vendor: PRG (Bobby Allen, account rep)
Special Effects: Quantum Special Effects
Video Vendor: Chaos Visual (Queens of the Stone Age and Beck performances)

Queens Of The Stone Age perform on the main stage:

Partial Gear
3 MA Lighting grandMA2 Full
1 MA Lighting grandMA2 light
52 GLP impression X4 LED
40 Clay Paky Sharpy
16 Martin Professional MAC Viper AirFX
46 Martin Professional MAC Viper Profile
16 PRG Best Boy 4000 Spot
58 Philips Vari-Lite VL3500 Wash
28 SGM XC-5 RGB LED Strobe
38 Martin Professional Atomic 3000 Strobes
38 Martin Professional Atomic Colors Scrollers
1 ETC 48x2.4kW Sensor+ Dimmer System
5 PRG Series 400 Power and Data Distribution System
ESP Vision Pro Sofware and Suite
16 8-Lite PAR36 Blinder
20 14” Scoop
48 CM 1-Ton Hoist
9 CM 2-Ton Hoist
18 Tyler Truss Systems GT Truss 4”x24”x10’
20 Tyler Truss Systems GT Truss 14”x24”x8’
15 Tomcat Truss, 26”x30”x8’
48 Box Truss, 20”x20”x10”
4 Box Truss, 12”x12”x10”
6 Box Truss, 12”x12”x5”
1 Quantum Special Effects Spitfire Flame System
4 Quantum Special Effects Large Confetti Blower
10 Quantum Special Effects Confetti Stadium Shot
40lbs Quantum Special Effects Custom Muse Dollar Confetti


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