Following are some clarifications about programs offered by the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA). Some programs were described incorrectly or incompletely in the September/October issue of SRO.

Starting next year, the Entertainment Technician Certification Program will offer examinations leading to certification in various disciplines, but will not offer training courses. The examinations for arena-style and theatrical rigging are not currently available, but are scheduled to be offered for the first time in November 2005, at the ETS-LDI Show. The rigging exams will be directed at riggers in the top third of the industry, which includes high-steel riggers and supervisors. The examination for electrical skills has not yet been scheduled. For more information and program updates, go to

ESTA's Technical Standards Program has not created a standard for fall arrest equipment. The truss standard offers manufacturing guidelines, not requirements, as all ANSI standards are voluntary.

And finally, regarding the article's description of the reported use of ESTA's Wire Rope Ladder Standard (E1.1) to determine “fault” in the tragic accident at a David Bowie concert earlier this year, it's true that the local OSHA official was not familiar with the equipment involved in the accident, as stated in the article. However, the Wire Rope Ladder Standard was only used to identify existing industry practice and not fault in that particular accident. For more information, visit