Changing Times?


It seems that the hot topic of convergence in lighting, video, and set design has spilled into the manufacturing arena with the news of the merger VLPS and Production Resources Group (PRG). Will this dramatically change the face of the lighting industry? My Magic 8-ball is a little fuzzy on that one, but I'll be interested in hearing your feedback to see how the level of service is maintained and how it all plays out in the next few months ([email protected]).

In other merging news, ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.) has acquired dimming manufacturer IES of Veenendaal, the Netherlands. We were treated to this news firsthand at the grand opening of ETC's new facilities in Middleton, WI, in mid-June. And what an opening it was! The design is phenomenal. For more details and some great pictures, check out Ellen Lampert-Greaux's article “Welcome to Fredsville.”

This month, we're also introducing a new, regular feature we like to call “Light Lunch.” I'm sure it will cause a stir, as it features two prominent LDs, Abigail Rosen-Holmes and Roy Bennett, speaking their minds about gear. I think, however, the truth helps the industry grow and improve for all of us. We want to report what the users have to say about the industry. After all, that's why we're here; that's why we're journalists; and that's why you trust our pages.

I'd also like to thank those who sent in so many wonderful comments about the new look of the June issue. While our overstuffed issue prevented us from running the many letters we received in their entirety, I'd like to share a sampling of the comments:

“One word — Fabulous.”

“Great job. I love the new cover look as well as the content.”

“So much good stuff to read! I've heard several positive remarks.”

“Simply put, it's fantastic! I am so jazzed by it! Great, great work!

“I think the magazine is much more energetic and exciting to the reader.”

“What an outstanding remake of Lighting Dimensions… Congratulations on getting new blood, new ideas, new style, and a lot of quality content to the magazine!”

You can't make this stuff up. Keep the feedback coming.