Celco reclaims independence


After eight years of ownership by Helvar/Electrosonic, Celco is an independent manufacturer once again, which has resumed trading under the name Celco Ltd. Helvar, will, however, continue to manufacture all Celco products for the foreseeable future, says Celco managing director Keith Dale. He adds, "I'm pleased to have served within that organization for the past eight years--an experience that has sharpened my commercial awareness and introduced many new skills which we can now apply to the world outside."

The outside world should know that Celco has a new address. It is: Midas House, 10 Willow Way, London SE26 4QP, England; phone: 44/181/699-6788, fax: 44/181/699-5056, e-mail: [email protected], web: www.celco.uk.co.