Wybron Expands Management Team, Increases Customer Support Solutions, Accelerates New Product Delivery


Wybron, Inc. announced today from its Colorado Springs, CO headquarters and reported by Live Design onsite the endeavors now underway to execute the company’s vision: several management team additions and promotions; an increase in the company’s technical support infrastructure to better serve and assist customers and dealers with lighting installations; and an accelerated new product development and delivery schedule.

Expanded Management Team

Bringing combined experience in the lighting design, high technology, and entertainment fields, Wybron’s management team, led by chief executive officer Larry Turner, also includes: • Miles Dudgeon, director of marketing • Ken Fasen, director of technical support • Brian Grover, vice president of manufacturing • Chae Knotts, comptroller • Lee Schlais, vice president of engineering

“We’ve put in place the right team to achieve Wybron’s mission of helping our customers realize their artistic vision,” says Turner. “Wybron is known for providing high-quality lighting products. With Miles, Ken, Brian, Chae, and Lee we now have the best management team in place to execute the company’s long-term vision.”

Miles Dudgeon started at Wybron in May 2006 as a regional sales manager, responsible for sales efforts to Broadway productions and customers across the northeastern US. In Jan. 2007, Dudgeon was promoted to director of marketing, heading product management and marketing. He has experienced almost every position on a lighting crew from small theatre shows to large stadium concerts. In addition to his production experience, Dudgeon has held positions at various advertising and multimedia companies in New York City and has extensive marketing and sales experience. Prior to joining Wybron, he was a product manager at Rosco Laboratories, where he oversaw the development of several successful new products.

Ken Fasen is the co-inventor of seven patented products and has been employed by Wybron since 1992. Wybron created the position of director of technical support and promoted Fasen to this position to better support its dealers and customers with new tools and technical training. Prior to Wybron, Fasen was with HM Electronics and Motorola. He is published in trade journals and has presented a paper on “Multiple Wireless Microphone Frequency Compatibility & Selection” at the National Association of Broadcasters Engineering Conference.

Brian Grover joined Wybron in 1998. In his position as vice president of manufacturing, Grover holds full responsibility for the company’s manufacturing process. Prior to joining Wybron, Grover was the production manager of CBW Automation, a company that builds custom robotic injection molding retrieval equipment. Prior to CBW, he worked for five years for Express Airlines, a regional airline based in the Midwest.

Chae Knotts joined Wybron in 1990. As the company’s comptroller, she is charged with managing the day-to-day accounting functions, monthly and year-end financial records and the company’s cash flow. She is also in charge of Human Resources. Prior to Wybron, Knotts was the Bookkeeper for Best IC Laboratories.

Increased Customer Support Solutions

Lee Schlais has extensive management experience in software development and IT operations. Prior to joining Wybron as the vice president of engineering in 2006, Schlais was the senior engineering manager at Sun Microsystems in Colorado for more than eight years. While at Sun Microsystems, he was charged with developing software systems in support of the company’s connected customer program and organized the infrastructure of the company’s engineering group.

Newly appointed director of technical support, Ken Fasen, was recently charged with leading the initiative to increase the company’s technical support infrastructure. Prior to his move into this brand new position, Fasen was responsible for product development at Wybron. He has extensive knowledge of all of the company’s products and services.

“Ken will do a great job of creating and securing the best tools, training and on-site support to help our customers implement their art,” Turner says. “Our dealers and customers have traditionally given us high marks for our sales and product support, but we feel there is always room to improve.”

Fasen will be responsible for the development of new customer support tools that will better help dealers and customers troubleshoot and install all Wybron products. He is also charged with the development of formalized technical training and will establish regular training sessions. Fasen will also be the primary contact inside and outside of the company, assisting Wybron dealers and customers with their technical questions and issues.

Accelerated New Product Delivery

“Establishing the director of technical support position and putting Ken in charge of this initiative is directly tied to the company’s vision of expanding our product offerings and actively releasing new products and solutions to the industry,” adds Turner. “Going forward, Wybron end-users will always receive top level support when renting and buying current or new products.”

Wybron is also picking up the pace of new product development and delivery by committing to the introduction of one new product a month up to the start of the professional lighting trade show season.

“Our customers have asked us to provide them with a more diverse product line,” says the recently promoted Miles Dudgeon, director of marketing. “This is just the beginning of our response to their demands.”

Wybron is known throughout the professional lighting industry for its engineering capabilities and high-quality products. In keeping with the company’s ability to deliver superior technology, Wybron intends to quickly develop more efficient, easy-to-use and control products backed by responsive customer support.

“By giving our customers what they want and need, we can take advantage of market demand and increase the strategic value of our relationships,” adds Turner. “We are seeing rapid adoption of Wybron’s products in certain markets and expect this pace to increase.”

In addition to developing products for Wybron’s sales channel, the company is working with other manufacturers in the industry to provide engineering and product innovation support.

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