Wednesday Wrap-Up For Uncertain Times

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With so many people at home these days, it seems like everyone is offering something for them to do. We have published a few lists already, but here are a few more things you can add to your collection of links, for those moments when you or your family needs a fix. Or if you are doing online teaching and need a few more resources…

The folks at Opera America have been busy compiling a list of online performances by a diverse group of opera companies for people to enjoy (most are free!). Not only entertaining but a great way to check out the work of many different designers.

Speaking of designers, one of my faves, lighting designer Don Holder, did a talk at TEDx Beacon Street, explaining the basics of lighting design titled, “The Role Of Lighting In Theatre.” A good talk for theatre classes as well, so those of you doing online teaching can add to your curriculum.

Have you been to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas? If not, here is a great way to visit it online, with detailed info on the many designs. They have created an app for users to learn about 25 of the great neon signs housed in the Boneyard outdoor exhibition space: Hard Rock Café guitar, Golden Nugget, Moulin Rouge, Fitzgerald’s, Sassy Sally’s, Yucca Motel, Nevada Motel, Chief Hotel Court, Steiner Cleaners, Doc & Eddy’s, the Red Barn, Anderson Dairy, Green Shack, Treasure Island, Wedding Information, Aladdin, Jerry’s Nugget, Stardust, Riviera, Frontier, La Concha, and Ugly Duckling. Anyone can access the app via the website and use the password NEON. You can also visit the visit the museum’s YouTube channel.

In response to the pandemic, Claude Heintz Design is making an emergency #LXSeriesPro license, as well as teaching materials, available for free. Additional learning resources will be added to this page as time goes on. But now there is a link to a large collection of step-by-step slides from IATSE LXSeries workshops that is in a repository on GitHub.

Anyone who wants to brush up on their Shakespeare can join actor Sir Patrick Stewart, who is reading a sonnet per day live. 

And my favorite of all is Alex Oliszewski, who just last week wrote a great column for us on “Teaching In The Time of COVID-19” and is now reading chapters of Harry Potter live on Facebook. (Author J.K. Rowling has lifted licensing fees on the book series so teachers can read to their students online while under mandated quarantines or practicing social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak). You may have to friend Alex to listen in, but please tell him I sent you!

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