WDMX At Chinese Spring Festival 2007

China's most popular annual television event, the CCTV 2007 Spring Festival Evening Gala, is one of the highest rated TV shows both in China and worldwide. CCTV recently presented the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

CCTV committed to creating the perfect stage effect using advanced stage equipment, including WDMX wireless transmission system by Wireless Solution Sweden AB, supplied by Guangzhou Leifull Light & Sound Technology. The 3 transmitters and 3 receivers were used with 8 High End Systems DL2s and two HOG iPC consoles to create beautiful visuals for the show.

The application of WDMX was a highlight of the evening. The field environment was complicated, with sets of wireless dialogue systems (including safekeeping, audio, machinery, lighting and stage art) and high definition broadcasting vehicle systems. WDMX continuously worked for 20 hours per day for over one month without influencing any of the transmitted signals. Its anti-interference capability and stability was fully realized during the gala. Qu Guojun, lighting designer of CCTV was amazed at the product claiming, “It is rather convenient for lighting engineers to do programming in any position. You don’t need to run everywhere with the signal cable. It is also very stable.”

For the first time, USA and UK viewers were able to watch the Evening Gala live via mobile phones, further proving that it’s a wireless world.

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