W-DMX And RC4 Wireless Sign OEM Partner Agreement

Wireless Solution Sweden AB today announced an OEM partner agreement with RC4 Wireless of Toronto, to supply W-DMX PCBs to be built into the new RC4 4-channel W-DIM series of wireless dimmers. The first model to be released, the W-DIM-Standard, will deliver 150W per channel, 600W total, at voltages from 6 to 30VDC. W-DIM dimmers are designed to work with existing W-DMX systems, including transmitters, transceivers or DMX controllers with W-DMX transmission built-in.

With the agreement, RC4 Wireless joins the growing group of W-DMX OEM partners including SGM, DTS, Clay Paky, Antari, and LSC Lighting, among others.

James Smith, president and product designer for RC4 says, “We are very excited about joining forces with W-DMX. They are clearly an emerging worldwide standard for wireless DMX, and we feel that the new W-DIM will keep RC4 Wireless on the leading edge of this growing trend.”

RC4 will showcase the W-Dim-Standard dimmer during USITT, March 14-17 in Phoenix. The theme for the RC4 Wireless booth at USITT will be: Economy–Control–Compatibility. Economy refers to RC4Magic products, which are both low-cost and very small economy of space as well as cost. Control refers to the RC4 Wireless Motion system, including the MSS Motion Safety System. Compatibility refers to the new W-DIM, compatible with W-DMX-the emerging worldwide standard for wireless DMX.

Wireless Solution will show W-DIM during Prolight and Sound, March 28-31 in Frankfurt, Germany. Visitors to Phoenix and Frankfurt will be the first in the world to see this exciting new product.

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