Vista Systems' Spyder Adds Impact To Worship Services At Cornerstone Church

Vista Systems' Spyder has enabled the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, Arizona to present immersive graphics on three large screens during worship services featuring contemporary Christian rock music. The multi-sensory experience targets Cornerstone's 5,000 congregants.

The 36x19-foot video wall fills the church's entire stage area. It is composed of a center screen for displaying graphics and visual effects flanked by two attached 16x9-foot screens for image support. Visuals range from very large, single images across the three screens to multiple, different images.

"The Spyder is the backbone that gives Cornerstone Church the ability to take the worship experience from the oral or the visual to a true, fully-engaged multi-sensory experience with highly-dynamic video content," says Matt Card, vice president of Client Development with Clark ProMedia, the project's consultant. "At Cornerstone, the most dominant feature is the video wall, which we believe will be a trend rapidly adopted by other churches. It totally changes the dynamics of worship."

The center screen is powered by four Christie DS+6K 3-chip DLP projectors controlled by a Spyder with expansion module. A second Spyder controls the side screens, which are fed by two Christie DS+6Ks. The Christie DS+6K projectors were selected for their brightness at 6,500 ANSI lumens featuring 10-bit image processing for pristine video playback and for their compact design. A control room features a complete mirror image LCD of the screen set up mimicking the six projectors.

The video wall's sources include computer graphics, IMAG, DVD, and videotape; the Spyder can fluidly mix and match sources as needed.

"We're thrilled with the capabilities that the Spyder provides," says Clark ProMedia senior engineer, Ken Langley. "No other product on the market gives us that power and flexibility in an easy-to-use platform. With the Spyder, concerts and other performances can be run by paraprofessionals or volunteer. That's why the system works so well at churches."

Brian Kaufman, worship director at Cornerstone, notes, "The Spyder's flexibility and technology have given us the ability to move different media elements on and off our multiple screens quickly, at the push of a button. As production happens four times a day, we appreciate the stability of Spyder software, and we love the ability to place multiple sources on our large screens on the fly. Our needs change by the minute, and we could not pull off the media we do without our Spyder."

Clark ProMedia has also installed the Spyder in another church whose multiple, separate screens create a windowpane backdrop. The Spyder delivers a high-impact, multisensory worship experience there as well.

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