VER Accepts Live Design's Product Of The Year: LED Processing Award

Live Design's 2015-16 Products of the Year awards, selected by a panel of industry professionals, were presented, alongside the individual achievement and Excellence Awards, at the Live Design Awards Ceremony on June 13 at Upper Story by Charlie Palmer in New York. At the ceremony, LDI conference director Ellen Lampert-Greaux presented the Projection Product of the Year: LED Processing award to the VER Revolution Display M8, specifically for its realtime 4K LED video distribution, offering intuitive control for configuring a wide range of LED products. Says one of our judges, it is “a true power tool that can strip hours out of the production process and make every pixel shine.” Jeremy Hochman of VER accepted the award. Watch the video of the presentation below, and check out more of what the judges had to say about the product. Learn more about all the evening's winners.

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