USITT Proclaims April 24 Rigging Safety Day

USITT Proclaims April 24 Rigging Safety Day

Executive director of USITT, David Grindle, announced yesterday that USITT is taking on the spirit of viral activism and is asking you to join. “We would like to proclaim April 24 Rigging Safety Day,” says Grindle. “We are asking people to use #rigsafe and let the world know we are committed to safe stages and safe working environments.”

From the smallest school to the largest venue, rigging safety is an important issue. If you have questions about the campaign, please contact Janet Gramza in the USITT office. With support from organizations, we can let various constituencies and the world know that rigging safety matters.

Please feel free to share this information and let’s make April 24 a day of rigging safety awareness.

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