Upstaging Kicks off a Strong 2002 Touring Season


Upstaging, Inc.

is off to a strong start for the 2002 touring season. Upstaging has been awarded lighting contracts for the tours of Sugar Ray, Kid Rock, Journey, Lenny Kravitz, Pet Shop Boys, Garbage, Kenny Loggins and INXS. After 30 years, Upstaging continues to experience consistent growth. With still more tours pending, Upstaging projects 2002 to be one of the strongest touring seasons in recent years.

In other news, Upstaging, Inc. is pleased to announce Tyler Elich has recently joined the Upstaging team full time. Tyler comes to us from Ithaca College in New York, with a B.F.A. in Theatre Production Arts. Previously working for Upstaging as summer employment, Tyler is an accomplished system technician having successfully worked on many productions.

For further information, check out the upstaging web site at:

Tour Profile

Production: Kid Rock – “Cocky World Tour”
Production Manager: Eric “Shakes” Grzybowski
Lighting Company: Upstaging Inc
Lighting Designer: Nook Schoenfeld
WYSIWYG Programmer Nook Schoenfeld
Lighting Director: Brad Teagan
Lighting Crew Chief: Mike Green
Lighting Technicians: Eric Eaton, Ritchie Steffa
Trucking Company: Upstaging Inc
Lead Truck Driver: Cody Chase
Truck Drivers: Billy Ray Finan, Roy Johnson, Jerry Dvorak, Rick Laney
Equipment: 12 CM 1/2 Ton chain motors
4 CM 1 Ton chain motors
12 CM 1/2 Ton Chain Motors with encoders
1 Motion Labs Server System
6 Torm Racks
13 Tomcat 7’9” Double Hung Pre-Rig Truss Sections
7 12” x 12” x 10’ Tomcat Truss Sections
5 20.5” x 20.5” x 10’ Tomcat truss sections
1 Flying Pig Whole Hog II control console
1 Flying Pig expansion wing
97 ETC Source Four PARs
9 ETC Source Four ellipsoidals
8 Altman Q-Lite
3 Eight Light Molefays
4 Eight Lamp “X” lights
12 Diversitronics 3K strobe
6 Wybron Large Format Colorams
10 Red Beacon Mars Lights
2 50’ Festoon String Lites
4 Roy Lites
2 Lycian 1271 truss spots
1 4’ Mirror Ball
2 Reel EFX DF-50 Atmospheric Hazer
8 Martin Mac 2000 Profile luminaire
5 Coemar Panorama SuperCyc
12 High End Systems Cyberlight Turbo
14 High End Systems Studio Colors
4 High End Systems Studio Spot 575
12 Stations Clear Com Intercom
1 DataLynx Show Back Up
4 DataSplit Data Splitter

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