UK's Entec Launches Video Division


UK-based Entec Sound & Light has launched a new visual/video division with the purchase of a RADlite digital media server from Projected Image Digital. The RADlite will be used on the upcoming Jools Holland tour, specified by LD Simon Honnor.

Entec’s Noreen O’Riordan explains that apart from its immediate use on the Jools tour, the company also picked RADlite to add another element to its expanding range of LED fixtures--which includes the James Thomas Pixelline--as it runs their Pixeldrive control software. “All those associated with RADlite--David March at Projected Image Digital and Simon Carter and Emma Long from IRAD-- were incredibly helpful, and took time answering all our questions at PLASA,” states O’Riordan.

At PLASA, LD Dave Byars gave them a hands-on demo of Pixeldrive in action on the James Thomas Stand, and talked over his own show experiences of using RADlite. O’Riordan and her colleagues also considered all the RADlite distributors, and decided that Projected Image Digital offered the best support and guidance necessary to help them set up the new division within Entec. “With PID as consultants, we’re can give the best possible advice and digital imaging options to our clients” she adds.

Projected Image Digital’s David March says he is looking forward to working with Entec and with Simon Honnor on the two-month Jools Holland tour that kicks off next week in Norwich. He says “Simon’s used video on previous Jools tours, but this time he’s taking it a step further in integrating video content and control with lighting via the RADlite system.” This gives him the ability to manipulate both the live video from the onstage cameras, along with his custom moving and stills images stored in the RADlite--and lighting--from his Avolites desk.

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