TMB Launches OEM Sales Department


TMB has opened a new OEM sales division based at its Los Angeles headquarters. The new department will focus on developing TMB’s sales to OEM manufacturers, both inside and outside of the lighting industry. The goal of the new department is to build a specific OEM sales team functioning close to, but outside, the hectic environment of TMB’s regular sales office.

Says TMB CEO Colin Waters, “Over the years, we’ve developed excellent resources for many types of products, at both the component and finished levels. This move will allow us to develop and further capitalize on these resources.

“The ‘Rush Service Normal’ pace of TMB’s sales offices is better suited to our dealer and rental company customers,” continues Waters. “It’s a daily, team-effort fire drill, almost incredible to behold: TMB putting out customers’ ‘fires,' meeting their last-minute deadlines, and ensuring that the show goes on, whatever it takes and however tight the deadline.

“The equally important, but usually less urgent, needs of our manufacturer/OEM customers will now benefit from a different sales approach; one featuring more in-depth followup, plus engineering and certification assistance. Of course, when they do have urgent needs, they will be dealing with the world leaders in fulfilling last-minute orders.”

TMB’s sales to OEMs include custom cables and harnesses, sheet metal and diecast components, custom plastic and metal connectors, and sockets.

To help get the new department off the ground, TMB has hired Alison Lovell. Lovell graduated from Teesside University, England, with a BSC in chemical engineering, and spent 14 years working in UK manufacturing. TMB developed a relationship with Lovell when she was working for a vendor; she first joined TMB in London in March 2001. Since then she’s moved to Los Angeles, with her 11-year-old son Luke, to take up her new position.

Waters comments, “We’re delighted to have Alison onboard. She’s already making great progress, and the future for our OEM sales department is looking very bright.”

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