TMB Celebrates The Life Of Tommy Stephenson, 1963 – 2017

TMB fondly remembers our first employee, Tommy Stephenson, the loudest man in show business.

Photo courtesty of TMB

Tommy, after a record-breaking stint as Personal for Greg Lake (of ELP fame) joined TMB around 1984 (who kept track in those days?). He transformed the fledging organization from Two Men in a Bedroom to Three Men and a Dog. Tommy’s primary role then was, and always remained, Confusion Analyst, but his early duties also included cable coiler, driver, shipping/receiving expert, and ace booth builder (specializing in the afternoon shift). He later grew to become Sales Manager in his spare time between his ongoing confusion analysis. His heavy focus on confusion was the origin of TMB’s famous Rule Three “Do Not Believe A Word Tommy Tells You." In 2013, Tommy sadly retired from TMB for health reasons.

Tommy was infamous for not listening – ever! Known far and wide as “Large and Loud,” his blustery voice carried like a foghorn, irrespective of the environment or situation, or the choice language he was also known for. It is almost impossible to believe that voice is now silent. A demure patron in a London Indian restaurant put it succinctly: “I want to thank you for sharing your entire evening with the entire restaurant. You sir, are an a**hole.” Once, during one of many long flights over the Pacific, a passenger asked Tommy’s frequent and long suffering travel companion, Colin Waters, “Does your friend know his voice projects really far?”

Photo courtesy of Holly O'Hair

Tommy’s humor was renowned, whether intended or not. Comments such as, “Does the sea flow into the river, or does the river flow into the sea?” and the immortal, “What’s a Vivaldi?” are legendary.

Tommy will always be a part of TMB in so many ways, and we fondly remember him with gratitude. Thank you Tommy, for teaching us that there’s more to selling than knowing what you’re talking about. Thank you for making sales meetings fun and for embodying TMB’s motto, “Fun is Profitable; Profitable is Fun.” Thank you for making it as funny the 30th time you told a story as it was the first time. Thank you for all you gave, for always giving, for the care you showed for everyone. Thank you for always being yourself.

Please feel free to share memories, photos, thoughts, by commenting below, or you can email us at [email protected], and we will post them as they come in.

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