Techni-Lux Offers Consultation, Design, and Training Services Through Dealer Network


In order to provide education and support to its customers, Orlando, FL-based lighting distibutor Techni-Lux is now providing basic design and consultation services, for a nominal fee, through its established dealer network. The services range from simple product support and placement to complete design packages, with drawings, visualization, and engineering interface. Additionally, a series of classes are now offered for trade shows, seminars, or individual training. Techni-Lux has incorporated a WYSIWYG system from Cast Software and will also be offering studio and rendering services in the future.

“This is a really unique opportunity to allow our dealers to provide professional design services without the additional staff or equipment necessary,” says Tony Hansen, resident designer at Techni-Lux. “Many people are not aware of lighting design services and this is one more tool that we can help our dealers provide. We are not trying to replace the large design firms that we work so closely with; we are simply trying to offer a low-cost alternative to the smaller project that may not otherwise have access to this type of service. For larger projects, we provide a referral to additional resources.”

Techni-Lux has established a resident design team to help with product placement and recommendations and to provide actual design services for installs, projects, remodels or individual shows. A 500 sq. ft. showroom/studio is also utilized for project simulation.

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