TEC Nominees Announced


The Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio has announced the nominees for the 18th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards, honoring outstanding technical and creative achievement in professional audio recording and sound production. The awards ceremony will be presented Monday evening, October 7, 2002, at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

The 24-category nominations, comprised of 17 areas of technical achievement in product design and seven categories of creative achievement in audio production, were made by a select panel of 112 audio industry professionals. Winners will be chosen by the 42,000 BPA-qualified Mix subscribers who cast ballots included in the August issue of the magazine.

This year, recognition for production facility design has been brought back to the TEC Awards in the category of Outstanding Studio Design Project. Honoring studio architects, acousticians and studio owners, the award recognizes facilities completed in the nomination eligibility period of March 2001 - February 2002.

Lifetime achievement awards will go to recording engineer/producer Geoff Emerick and musician/composer Robbie Robertson. Emerick, best known for his work on many of the Beatles' recordings, will be inducted into the TEC Awards Hall of Fame. Robertson, a driving force behind seminal rock group The Band, will receive the Les Paul Award, presented each year for the creative application of music and audio technology.

A select list of the nominations geared to ED readers follows:


Ancillary Equipment
Equi=Tech ET SWQ Balanced Power Cabinet System
Future Sonics EM3 Universal Earphones
Gold Line/PMI TK51 5.1 Audio Toolkit DVD
Hosa PBP-362 Lightpipe Digital Patchbay
Millennia Media LPE-2 Archival Playback Environment
Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones

Digital Converters
Apogee Electronics AD-16/DA-16
Genex GXA8/GXD8
Lynx Studio Technology Lynx Two
MOTU 896
Midiman/M-Audio USB Audiosport Quattro
Swissonic AD8

Amplifier Technology
Bryston 6B-ST
Crown CTs Multichannel
Hot House Two Thousand "B"
QSC CX-168
Quested AP500

Mic Preamplifier Technology
AMS Neve Modular I/O System Quad
Aphex Model 207
Crane Song Spider
George Massenburg Labs 2020
Groove Tubes VIPRE
Universal Audio 2-610

Microphone Technology/Sound Reinforcement
AKG C900
Countryman E6
DPA 4066
Sennheiser MKE-2 Gold-EW
Shure Beta 98H/C

Microphone Technology/Studio
AKG C451-B
Audio-Technica AT3035
Neumann M150 Tube
Royer R122
Soundelux E47

Wireless Technology
Audio-Technica Freeway Series
Electro-Voice RE-1
Mipro ACT 707 Series
Sennheiser SK 5012
Shure ULX
Sony WRT-847B/WRR-862B

Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology
Electro-Voice QRx 153/75
Funktion One Resolution 5
JBL MPro MP418SP Crown-Powered Subwoofer
Meyer M3D Line Array
Nexo GEO

Signal Processing Technology/Hardware
Antares Vocal Producer
Eventide Eclipse
Kurzweil KSP-8
Lexicon MPX200
TC Electronic VoicePrismPlus
Yamaha SREV1

Signal Processing Technology/Software
Ableton Live
AudioEase Altiverb
Cycling '74 Max4/MSP2 Mackie/Universal Audio UAD-1
McDSP Analog Channel
Waves Restoration Bundle

Recording Devices
Alesis ADAT HD24
ATR Service Aria Reference Tape Electronics
Fostex D2424
Mackie Designs MDR24/96
Nagra V
Tascam DSD-98

Workstation Technology
Digidesign Pro Tools HD
Emagic Logic Audio 5
Fairlight DREAM Satellite
MOTU Digital Performer 3.0
Roland VS2480HD
Sonic Solutions DVD-Audio Creator

Sound Reinforcement Console Technology
Crest XR20
InnovaSon Compact Live
Midas Venice
Shure AuxPander
Soundcraft MH4

Small Format Console Technology
Behringer DDX 3216
Emagic Logic Control
Event Ezbus
Soundcraft Spirit M Series
Tascam DM-24
TL Audio M-3


Tour Production
(Includes Tour Company, FOH Engineer and Monitor Engineer)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Tour Company: Sound Image, Escondido, CA
FOH Engineer: Tim Mulligan
Monitor Engineer: Rance Caldwell

Dave Matthews Band
Tour Company: Ultra Sound
FOH Engineer: Jeff Thomas
Monitor Engineer: Ian Kuhn

Janet Jackson
Tour Company: Clair Brothers, Lititz, PA
FOH Engineers: Trip Khalaf, Dave Kob
Monitor Engineer: Pete Buess

Tour Company: Clair Brothers
FOH Engineer: Dave Kob
Monitor Engineers: Blake Suib, Patrick McCarthy

Tour Company: Clair Brothers
FOH Engineer: Joe O’Herlihy
Monitor Engineers: Don Garber, Raza Sufi, Niall Slevin, Dave Skaff

Remote Production/Recording or Broadcast
(Includes Remote Facility, Remote Engineer, Production Mixer and Music Mixer)

Wall to Wall Miles, NPR
Remote Facility: Aura Sonic Ltd.
Remote Engineer: Steve Remote
Production Mixer: Edward Haber
Music Mixers: Steve Brown, Duke Markos

The Concert for New York City, VH-1
Remote Facilities: Remote Recording Services, MTV Networks/ Remote Recording Division
Remote Engineers: David Hewitt, Mark Repp
Music Mixers: Bob Clearmountain, Thom Cadley

2002 Grammy Awards, CBS
Remote Facility: Effanel Music, NYC
Production Mixer: Ed Greene
Music Mixers: John Harris, Adam Blackburn, John Bates

Madonna's Drowned World Tour, HBO
Remote Facility: Effanel Music, NYC
Production Mixer: Don Worsham
Music Mixers: John Harris, Patrick McCarthy America--A Tribute to Heroes, all networks
Remote Facilities: Effanel Music, NYC; Sony Music Studios, NYC; Westwood One, Los Angeles
Production Mixer: Paul Sandweiss
Music Mixers: Jay Vicari, John Harris, Mitch Maketansky, NYC; Biff Dawes, Los Angeles

Film Sound Production
Includes Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-recording
Mixer, Production Sound Mixer, Score Mixer and Audio Post Facility

Black Hawk Down
Supervising Sound Editors: Per Halberg, Karen Baker
Sound Designer: Jon Title
Re-recording Mixers: Michael Minkler, Myron Nettinga
Production Sound Mixer: Chris Munro
Score Mixers: Malcolm Luker, Alan Meyerson
Audio Post Facility: Todd Studios West

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Supervising Sound Editors: Mike Hopkins, Ethan Van der Ryn
Sound Designer: David Farmer
Re-recording Mixers: Christopher Boyes, Gethin Creagh, Michael Hedges, Michael Semanick
Production Sound Mixers: Malcolm Cromie. Hammond Peek, Ken Saville
Score Mixer: John Kurlander
Audio Post Facility: The Film Unit, New Zealand

Moulin Rouge
Supervising Sound Editor: Roger Savage
Re-recording Mixers: Anna Behlmer, Andy Nelson
Production Sound Mixer: Guntis Sics
Score Mixer: Geoff Foster
Audio Post Facility: 20th Century Fox

Pearl Harbor
Supervising Sound Editors: Christopher Boyes, George Watters II
Sound Designers: Chris Boyes, Robert L. Sephton, Ethan Van de Ryn
Re-recording Mixers: Kevin O’Connell, Greg P. Russell
Production Sound Mixers: Peter J. Devlin; Ken Weston: UK
Score Mixer: Alan Meyerson
Audio Post Facility: Sony Picture Studios

Supervising Sound Editors: Lon Bender, Wylie Stateman
Sound Designer: Scott Martin Gershin
Re-recording Mixers: Anna Behlmer, Andy Nelson
Score Mixer: Alan Meyerson
Audio Post Facility: 20th Century Fox

Television Sound Production
(Includes Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-recording
Mixer, Production Mixer, Score Mixer and Audio Post Facility)

Late Show with David Letterman, CBS
Supervising Sound Editors: Michael DeLugg, Jim Rose, Kevin Rogers, Harvey Goldberg
Re-recording Mixers: Michael DeLugg, Jim Rose, Kevin Rogers, Harvey Goldberg
Production Mixers: Tom Herman, Larry Zinn
Audio Post Facility: Ed Sullivan Theater, NYC

Saturday Night Live, NBC
Re-recording Mixers: Chris Seeger, Jay Vicari
Production Mixer: Robert Palladino
Audio Post Facility: NBC

Six Feet Under, HBO
Supervising Sound Editor: Bob Newlan
Re-recording Mixers: Peter Reale, Roberta Doheny
Production Mixer: Vince Garcia
Audio Post Facility: Miles O’ Fun at Universal Studios, Universal City

The Sopranos, HBO
Supervising Sound Editor: Bill Angarola
Re-recording Mixers: Kevin Burns, Todd Orr
Production Mixer: Mathew Price
Audio Post Facility: Todd Studios West

United We Stand, ABC
Re-recording Mixer: Paul Sandweiss
Production Mixers: Adam Blackburn, John Harris, Mark King
Audio Post Facilities: Effanel Music, Sound Design Corporation

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