Take What Is Yours At The Living Theatre, UndergroundZero Festival

Take What Is Yours, inspired by and composed in the words of Alice Paul, the National Woman’s Party for the women's suffrage movement, and directed by Jill A. Samuels, features the design team of lighting designer Alison Brummer, projection designer Tal Yarden, sound designer Kristin Worrall, and costume designer Alixandra Gage Englund. But Brummer says the set and staging, conceived by the director, is the real accomplishment of this production.

Noting that Samuels, "always comes at theatre from a very physical and interesting place," Brummer calls attention to the wall of squared that "shifts the frame/proscenium through which we view that action. The action on stage is also shifting on wheels by puppeteers. This provides a cinematic quality that works because it is live. The whole approach is unique theatrically and worth experiencing."

The play went through its paces in a workshop production at the New Ohio Theatre last Fall, then premiering at 59E59 Theatres in New York in May, with Jim Sparnon as production manager, where it garnered great reviews, including a Critic's Pick from the New York Times and Backstage. Most recently, it completed a run at The Living Theater as part of UndergroundZero Festival, adding Michaelangelo DeSerio as technical director and Nolan Kennedy as master electrician.

Take What Is Yours Creative and Production
Script: Erica Fae & Jill A. Samuels
Director: Jill A. Samuels
Lighting Design: Alison Brummer
Sound Design: Kristin Worrall
Costume Design: Alixandra Gage Englund
Projection Design: Tal Yarden
Scenic Design Concept: Jill A. Samuels
Set Design Consultant: Deb O
Stage Manager: Stephanie Armitage
Technical Director: Grant Neale
Assistant Lighting Design: Sean Conlin
Set Construction: Ariel Boles, Greg Squared, Jill A. Samuels, Deb O, Truman Clarke MacCasland
Scenic Painter: Danielle Baskin
Sound Console Operator: Christopher Day
Assistant Director: Justine Williams

Lighting Gear
ETC Express at Living Theater & New Ohio
Philips Strand Light Palette at 59e59 Theaters
8 ETC Source Four 50º Ellipsoidal
13 ETC Source Four 36º Ellipsoidal
5 ETC Source Four 26º Ellipsoidal
10 ETC Source Four WFL PAR
4 ETC Source Four MFL PAR
4 ETC Source Four VNSP PAR
48 Dimmer
2 6" Fresnel
4 Pin Spot
4 50lb Boom Base
4 6' Boom Pipe
8 8lb Floor Plate

Audio and Video control: Figure 53 QLab on a Mac

Additional lighting equipment for the Living Theater production was provided by Tribeca Lighting (Eva Pinney, account manager).

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