Syncrolite at the 2012 Summer Olympics

Syncrolite has three major systems at the 2012 summer Olympic Games in London: Olympic Ceremonies; Olympic Stadium; Olympics Field Hockey Stadium

Olympic Ceremonies: 14 "paddles," or curved lighting poles that extend over the edge of the playing field. They hold the Syncrolites, FOP lights and some smaller moving heads. Patrick Woodroffe is the LD.

40 SXL fixtures, four each on 10 of the 14 "paddles," were flown head down to light the Opening Ceremonies stages and action, doing many jobs from long-throw, cross-fading washes to the big beams, motion FX, and ballyhoos. This system replaces the work of over 400 regular moving heads. Due to the extraordinary output (350,000 lumens) of these Syncrolite SXL fixtures, the efficiency and powerful looks are unparalleled. Syncrolite believes the combination of our Syncrolite and ArenaColor is the future of major stadium permanent installations.

54 ArenaColors are flown on back of each "paddle" (4 for each of 14 paddles). These are focused away from the FOP onto the upper exterior ring of the stadium. These units allow color changing and wash on a very large area.

Olympic Stadium: Syncrolite is lighting the entire exterior of the Olympic Stadium with only 40 Syncrolite XL 8000W fixtures. These units are two each on 20 towers spaced around the exterior and shoot approximately 150 feet to the Stadium Wrap surface using Syncrolite's proprietary OmniColor technology and Micro Lens Arrays. Again, according to the company, there is no other lighting fixture in the world that can do this and seamlessly change color on such a huge structure, projecting patterns and beams with only 40 fixtures.

There were coordinated looks between the inside Ceremonies system and the stadium exterior. The main long shot for NBC featured the Stadium lit by Syncrolite and be up for all Olympics through September 10. Jeff Smith, and Dave Keighley of Syncrolite, and Durham Marenghi are the design team for the stadium.

Olympics Field Hockey Stadium: 72 of the GE version of the ArenaColor light the exterior of the Olympics Field Hockey Stadium. A special thanks to GE Global Operations for their partnership on this Olympic project.

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