Swiss Cheesecake


The Brummel Cabaret in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a gentlemen’s club that is all aglow after a major renovation that included the installation of a variety of LEDs.

Inconspicuously located beneath the five-star Palace Hotel in Lausanne, the club has been experiencing a complete refurbishment throughout the winter period by Yves Donati of Hybrid Concept in Geneva.

Giving the club a Roman theme, Donati used Pulsar’s LED ChromaRange products to enhance the club’s architectural features as well as create ambience. Chromastrips wash the stone walls, hall, and entrance stairway, while ChromaScapes light the entrance from outside. Gentlemen are welcomed into the lounges by two bronze goddess statuettes holding ChromaSpheres on outstretched arms, one is a 300-mm sphere and the other is holding a smaller version.

All of the club’s original MR16 fittings have been retrofitted with Pulsar color-changing LED ChromaHeart MR16 fixtures that spot the bar and add extra lighting effects to the lounge area. The stage area boasts four Roman columns and is illuminated via Pulsar ChromaDomes, four of which are focused on the dancers. The LEDs are greatly appreciated by the girls during their routines since they have no heat-emitting lamps. Therefore the dancers suffer less perspiration and their make-up stays in pristine condition longer.

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