Super Bowl Activities Feature Super Amounts of High End Gear


The Super Bowl is more than a game; it's a collection of parties and other events that take over the town. It spawns hundreds of corporate parties needing lights, sound, and a stage full of entertainers before, during and after the Jan. 26 show in San Diego, all of which are using copious amounts of lighting gear from High End Systems.

Prior to the game, Delicate Productions of Camarillo, CA, is taking care of the VIP Tailgate Party. Goo Goo Dolls, Bonnie Raitt, and various rap artists will take the stage under 12 Studio Spot® 575s and 12 Studio Beam® automated luminaires, with 12 bars of PARs. LD Gus Conger is controlling the show with a Hog® 1000.

California's San Diego Stage & Lighting say they have "everything we own" involved with the Super Bowl including the NFL Experience. SDSL's Renie Colwell says, "The NFL Experience is almost entirely High End Systems (equipment) and is also the largest contract that was awarded." A whole range of HES fixtures and consoles have moved to the site for all the the other soirees surrounding the Bowl, including the hospitality suites and villages for the tons of media, corporate sponsors and VIPs.

CW Productions of Los Angeles says its warehouse is cleared out for all the big parties. In particular, x.Spot and Studio Beam luminaires will outshine the stars at an "Access Hollywood" media/celebrity bash. Cyberlight®, Studio Beam, Dataflash ®, and Hogs of various sizes are also being recruited into action for other gatherings.

Halftime festivities feature No Doubt and Shania Twain, and LSD/Fourth Phase is providing equipment. In charge from the company is Robert Roth out of the Atlanta office, who says that because it won't be completely dark when halftime hits, they won't need too much extra lighting. But several Wholehog® II consoles will be in control via LD Allen Branton.

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