Sound Product Of The Year: DPA d:fine


DPA’s d:fine microphone range is available in directional/omni versions, single/dual ear designs, long/short microphone booms, and in multiple colors—lots of choices for various demanding requirements. An update, of sorts, to the company’s classic DPA 4066 and 4088 head-worn mics (also with 5mm miniature capsules), the younger sibs offer consistent audio performance at all SPLs, impressive gain before feedback, and stable construction, all in a smaller package, since the new housing fits the capsule exactly. The models also boast earpieces made from a sprung material used to manufacture hearing aids, adding comfort and adjustability. The reduction in capsule size also allows smaller windshields to be used. Microphones can be switched between omni and directional models. “Once again, DPA has produced a lust-worthy mic—great when you need a low-profile, great sounding boom-style mic. It has a unique ear loop that makes it secure and easy to adjust for different actors.”

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