Scharff Weisberg Expands HD Offerings

After launching High Definition (HD) post production about 18 months ago, the Scharff Weisberg Media Resource Center (MRC) has expanded its services with a second, uncompressed editing system based around the Apple Computer’s Final Cut Pro production bundle. The system takes full advantage of the very fast, dual 2.7 G5 to create a powerful tool to support HD post- production at affordable rates to clients.

“Increased demand for our HD post capabilities has prompted us to convert a former Media 100 edit room to a second HD/ SD post suite,” says general manager Josh Nissim. “HD has proved to be an affordable alternative for all types of presentations and a significant leap forward in presentation image quality. With HD now part of daily, real world applications, expanding our HD post capabilities makes us better prepared to meet clients’ growing needs. Recently we completed a 24P project for an H&M fashion event in Central Park, which took full advantage of our HD post services.”

Just one year ago the MRC moved into a new facility on East 23rd Street with Antenna Productions, an audio post production company catering to the film and television industries. The MRC facility comprises six rooms offering HD/SD editorial, encoding, professional DVD authoring, and duplication services plus several production suites, client lounge, and kitchen.

The new post system, is based around a dual-processor G5 Macintosh and a 4.37 terabyte RAID array, which can store four hours of uncompressed HD video. The system also features the AJA HD Kona 2 card and IO interface which provides eight channels of AES digital audio and 10-bit uncompressed HD/SDI video.

The Scharff Weisberg Media Resource Center provides post production services for the presentation professional. Services include presentation support; digital, non-linear editing; professional DVD authoring and MPEG2 encoding; multi-media compression services; and video transfers, duplications and international standards conversions.

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