Scharff Weisberg Adds G-LEC LightFrame to Inventory


Last year, Scharff Weisberg significantly enhanced its presentation arsenal when it wrapped up a deal with German-based G-LEC to be the exclusive U.S. rental agent for G-LEC ClassicFrame, a new transparent LED graphics display curtain. Now the company rounds out its offerings with G-LEC's other major product, the LightFrame. Scharff Weisberg has also doubled its inventory of ClassicFrame, now boasting a total of almost 100 square meters of the product.

"We took ClassicFrame because we saw it as a new breed of products in our industry, combining lighting with video and stage design," says Scharff Weisberg partner, Peter Scharff. "LightFrame, which is more of a lighting product, has many of the same benefits as ClassicFrame while being a more cost-effective solution for enticing, transparent lighting effects."

"The LightFrame is brilliant for touring shows," says Peter Ed, G-LEC's director of international business. "The modular frames just click together and within minutes you'll find yourself with a large, bright and colorful LED display. The pixels are really bright and stand out in any lighting condition, and the colors are just so vibrant. They really give a fantastic texture to a performance, which can be still and beautiful or dynamic in the extreme. As for transport, the aluminum frames are really sturdy and fit into road cases."

LightFrame is DMX controlled for easy integration with other lighting equipment. Its light weight enables it to be incorporated into practically any performance space; it can easily be flown and trucked and integrated with scenic elements. LightFrame's transparency makes it ideal for hiding unsightly speaker stacks and even artfully screening bands and orchestras without blocking the audio.

"With our acquisition of LightFrame we expect to introduce G-LEC technology to an even larger market," adds Scharff. "ClassicFrame already has a base of enthusiastic users, and we anticipate LightFrame will gain even more."

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