Rigging Seminars in Chicago and Las Vegas


Rigging Seminars will conduct three classes in 2005. They will be in Las Vegas February 8-11, Las Vegas May 2-5, and Chicago June 3-6. Each class covers the Principles and Operation of both stage rigging and arena-style rigging. There is a full day of hands-on training.

Rigging Seminars is the longest established entertainment rigging training program, and is highly respected in the industry. They are taught by Harry Donovan and Jay O. Glerum, both working professionals with more than 40 years experience in show business. They wrote the books on entertainment industry rigging. Thousands of riggers have graduated from their courses.

Glerum has been a stagehand, scenery and lighting designer, technical theatre instructor at several universities, and systems designer for a major theatre equipment company. Jay's well-known Stage Rigging Handbook is the only book on the design, care, and use of stage rigging. Jay O. Glerum & Associates, Inc. specializes in design, consulting, and inspections for stage rigging.

Donovan is both an engineer and one of the industry’s best known and most experienced riggers. He's organized arena rigging into a few simple engineering principles, practical rules of thumb, and safe working techniques that are immediately useful to all riggers and managers. Harry's definitive Entertainment Rigging explains the methods he used to rig over 200,000 points without failure. He is a member of the ESTA Rigging Standards Committee, developing a certification for riggers. Donovan Rigging Inc. specializes in design, consulting, contracting, and installation of arena-style rigging, fall protection, and expert witness work.

The seminar is constructed to serve the needs of riggers; venue managers and staff; stagehands; college professors, students, and staff; sound, lighting, staging, and A/V companies; consultants, engineers and architects; and contractors and installers. It is suitable for both beginning and advanced riggers.

For course content and registration information, visit www.riggingseminars.com, or call 206-283-4419.

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