Richard Belliveau, Winner Of 2016 Paky Award

Richard Belliveau, Winner Of 2016 Paky Award

The Paky Award, sponsored by A.C.T Lighting and Clay Paky, will be presented at LDI2016 on Saturday, October 22.

Richard Belliveau

Richard Belliveau, a founder and chief technology officer of High End Systems, Inc., is the winner of the third annual Paky Award, to be presented in Las Vegas, NV, on Saturday, October 22 as part of the LDI 2016 Awards Ceremony at the 29th annual LDI Tradeshow and Conference. Brian Dowd, vice president of sales and marketing for A.C.T Lighting, will present the award.

The Paky Award was founded in 2014 in honor of Mr. Pasquale “Paky” Quadri, founder of Clay Paky and one of the leaders of the international lighting industry who passed away that year. He was the honorary recipient of the first “Paky” Award presented during LDI 2014. The second annual winner was Fred Foster, CEO of ETC Lighting. Sponsored by Clay Paky and A.C.T Lighting, this award will be presented annually to an individual who has made a major contribution to technology in the industry.

"Paky and Richard had known each other since the ‘80s, when Richard and Bob Schacherl were the distributors of Clay Paky in USA. Richard says it was 25 years, but it's more, at least 30,” says Pio Nahum, marketing director for Clay Paky. “When Paky made the GoldenScan, Richard invented the Intellabeam that eventually became the fiercest competitor of the GoldenScan in the marketplace, yet Paky had the highest respect for Richard, a respect that remained unchanged during his entire life.

“I also personally know Richard very well, and I believe that he is one of the cleverest inventors in our industry. A true visionary, with the ability to predict future trends and, especially, to imagine how technologies imported from other sectors can successfully be used in entertainment lighting, thus bringing new products to market earlier than others,” Nahum adds. “The entire Clay Paky team will always be grateful to Richard for the consideration he showed to Paky when he passed away."

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