RESTART Act Update From Capitol Hill

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The Senate Leadership has announced that Monday October 19, when the Senate reconvenes, the first action item will be a vote on a new relief bill to assist those most devastated Americans.

Specifically mentioned was a second round of PPP for those in need.

This will help a lot of small business, including those in Live Events.

No real details have been provided, but it is rumored this proposed bill may also include Enhanced Unemployment Insurance, money for schools and money for COVID testing.

One element rumored to be included is liability indemnity. To many, that would impeded passage of this bill.

I would also suggest the Senate save that for a later day.

Let the pure money issues proceed forward to help the people in need.

There is also a push for the bill to include only PPP and Enhanced Unemployment.

There is a lot of dissention in the ranks on both sides of the aisle.

Many people from both parties, in both houses, want and need some form of relief passed before the election.

There is still a growing concern  among the 435 House members and the 35 Senators that are up for reelection that lack of any relief bill will hurt their chances of reelection.

We are almost at the last possible moment to provide relief prior to the election.

My phone and e-mail have blown up this morning with legislators and their staff, both sides of the aisle, wanting something done.

As stated before, the rank and file in both chambers are at a boiling point demanding Leadership pass some limited relief.

It seems almost certain the Senate will pass this bill.

The difficult part is the House.

There are a lot of people on both sides of the aisle that need some form of relief bill to pass and it looks possible that there is a chance it may pass.

If all Republicans support the bill, which they would most likely do, then 18 Democrats would need to support it.

15 Democrats broke ranks and did not support the HEROES 2 act, and one could assume those same 15 would support the proposed Senate bill targeting only money for small business.

There are many more than 15 Democrats that have expressed a need for more PPP and Enhanced Unemployment.

The question is will they cross the aisle and support this new proposed bill.

If they do, which they would view as “saving their seat” in the election, then the bill will pass.

There is no doubt the President would then sign it.

This is seen as a “hail Mary” for not only unemployed people and devastated small businesses, but also for the reelection chances of many in Congress.

Thus, it is a win-win in that the people and the economy win and the political leaders win.

I urge you to again send personal e-mails to your Senators and House members and beg them to pass the narrow relief bill next week.

I understand that everyone is fatigued with all the e-mails and letters, but there is no other method.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Please keep asking.

For those of you that ask “what about RESTART”, we keep that fight alive as well.

We will hopefully gain PPP and Enhanced Unemployment first, then RESTART afterwards.

This is not an either / or situation.

We take the wins as we get them.

There seems to be a win in front of us!

I want to thank everyone for your tireless efforts and pushing the legislators.

It does work and it does make a difference.

Thank you, be safe, and have a great day!

Michael T. Strickland

Chair and Founder

Bandit Lites

PS: Go to to send a letter to Congress urging them to pass the RESTART Act.

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