Radian Audio Launches Microfill System


Radian Audio Engineering expanded its Micro-product line of speaker systems with the introduction of the 2-way, asymmetrical, trapezoidal and multi-arrayable RMF-1122 MicroFill at the recent 113th AES Convention in Los Angeles. MicroFill is an ultra-compact, defined coverage, multi-purpose loudspeaker system developed for touring, corporate and installed sound applications in conjunction with Dave Levine of Rat Sound.

The Radian Audio RMF-1122 MicroFill, rated at 500 W RMS, incorporates defined high-frequency pattern control, a 2-inch compression driver and 12-inch high-power woofer, with optional bi-amp or passive operation. The unique multi-profile MicroFill enclosure is the ideal solution for sight line-friendly monitor side fills, rear fill, lip fill, down fill or corporate truss systems.

The low frequency transducer and horn complement allows MicroFill to be arrayed in a variety of configurations and combinations according to the application. The RMF-1122 incorporates a highly innovative enclosure design with built-in "I" track rigging system.

The latest addition to Radian's Micro-product range, MicroFill shares sonic and industrial design characteristics with the company's highly successful MicroWedge. Radian's MicroWedge Monitor Systems, also co-developed with Rat Sound's Dave Levine, currently comprise the two-way RMW-1122 stage monitor, incorporating a coaxial 12-inch speaker with 2-inch compression driver, and the two-way RMW-1152 stage monitor, combining a coaxial 15-inch woofer and 2-inch compression driver.

The Radian MicroWedge offers a uniquely shaped, arrayable, low profile design and features a powerful co-axial speaker/compression driver arrangement that produces low distortion and a very flat frequency response. It can be used in either bi-amp or passive mode. MicroWedge systems have become the stage monitor of choice for many musicians and rental houses, as well as live performance and broadcast installations around the world.

Based in Southern California, Radian Audio Engineering is a leading manufacturer of loudspeakers and speaker components for permanent installed sound systems and touring live sound applications.

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