projectiondesign Launches Active 3D Stereoscopic Projector

Norwegian manufacturer projectiondesign has launched its first-ever active stereo 3D projector, the new F10 AS3D single-chip DLP® portable high-resolution projector. Anders Lokke, International Marketing & Communications Manager at projectiondesign says, “The majority of active stereoscopic projectors available in the market tend to be large and cumbersome and are mainly available only for companies with large budgets. Seizing the opportunity to introduce an active stereo and compact projector, projectiondesign decided to bring the same levels of performance to our single-chip F10 chassis.”

The projector operates at a full 120 Hz refresh rate from dual head inputs on DVI or VGA, making it compatible with virtually every single dual head stereoscopic Image Generator in the market. A full 120 Hz refresh rate enables flicker free imaging in all environments, and gives full 60Hz sequential imaging. The F10 AS3D features a resolution of 1,400 x 1,050 pixels, and it is fully compatible with 1080p inputs. It is also compatible with both IR transmitted and White Light (DLP Link) LCD 3D shutter glasses.

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