Projection Product Of The Year: GarageCUBE and 1024 Architecture MadMapper

MadMapper, a video mapping software program from GarageCUBE, makers of Modul8, and 1024 Architecture, brings really powerful projection mapping to the enthusiastic masses, students, and artists who cannot afford a top-of-the-line video server. MadMapper is built around the idea of sharing video content between applications. To accomplish this task, MadMapper uses a Mac OSX-based framework called Syphon. For any application that can send its output to the Syphon server, the video is automatically available to MadMapper for perspective transformations and warping. “It has tremendous quality and works hand in hand with the popular VJ tool Modul8 to create a full solution for projection and play back,” says one of our judges. “Derivative’s TouchDesigner gives the pros deep control, but MadMapper gives no-frills, low-budget options to budding artists. This under-$500 software allows everybody to create compelling projection on architecture and irregular shaped sets.” Another judge calls it “quite amazing at what it does. It is fast and simple, and produces a very clean map.”

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