PRG Institute In Los Angeles

The first-ever LDInstitute On The Road presents a three-day PRG Institute, Tuesday-Thursday, November 29, 30, December 1 (9am-5pm) to be held in Los Angeles in conjunction with the Live Design Concert Master Classes.

PRG's (Production Resource Group) three-day intensive entertainment technology training is limited to 16 participants for personalized hands-on training at just $395 ($495 after 11/4). Earn 7 ETCP renewal credits for this three-day training.

The schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Tuesday, November 29

V676® & V476™ Control Console: Introductory Level

This class provides an introduction to PRG’s V676 and V476 lighting control consoles. Attendees receive hands-on training on both consoles. Offering extraordinary speed, in both programming and responsiveness, and innovative interface advancements, the V676 and the more compact V476, are quickly becoming popular with programmers in all market segments.

The V676 was used on the 2010 Winter Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, live television awards shows such as the Emmys, Oscars, and Grammys, as well as The Addams Family and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway.

Session Highlights:
1. Key elements of the console hardware
2. Key elements of the user interface
3. Navigating the various display options
4. Patching multiple parameter luminaires
5. Recording, editing and playing back cues
6. Managing show files (save, edit, delete)
7. Working with groups
8. Submasters
9. Recording and recalling color and beam palettes and presets
10. Creating and editing effects
11. Creating and editing macros

Target audience: Users with a basic understanding of automated lighting, DMX addressing and patching. Previous experience working with lighting consoles is strongly recommended.

Taught by: PRG Product Manager Tom Celner and PRG Training Coordinator Marion Hall

Day 2: Wednesday, November 30

Mbox EXtreme® Media Server Training: Introductory Level

This introductory training provides a hands-on look at PRG’s Mbox Extreme media server. Mbox is designed to give users powerful and flexible control by working seamlessly with up to twelve layers of content which can be displayed simultaneously. Layers can be any combination of 3D objects or backgrounds. Users also have the ability to transition content, both 2D and 3D, on the same layer.

Mbox has been featured on numerous concert, television, film and theatre productions including Jay-Z and Lady Gaga tours, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway, the 2011 Asian Winter Games Opening Ceremonies and the feature film Iron Man 2.

Target Audience: Users with previous media server experience, but who are new to Mbox.

Session Highlights:
1. Setup and configuration
2. Navigating the interface
3. Basic functions and parameters
4. HD playback of multiple video formats
5. Working with multiple layers
6. Importing of media and working with capture card
7. Manipulation of content in the Mbox
8. Programming using Mbox Extreme stand-alone control application (no lighting console required)

Taught by: PRG Product Manager Matt Corke and PRG Training Coordinator Marion Hall

Day 3: Thursday, December 1

Automated Luminaires, Distribution, and Networking

9:00am – 12:00pm
The Bad Boy® Luminaire Plus An Innovative New PRG Product

PRG’s Bad Boy luminaire is one the brightest automated luminaires on the market, with 48,000-lumens output. This session will take you under the hood to examine the key features of this light, including both standard Bad Boy with the original Quantum Color System and the new Bad Boy CMY which utilizes a cross-fading color system. Instructors will share application tips from recent Bad Boy projects in TV, film, special events, and concert touring. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the innovative new luminaire, Best Boy, making its global debut this year at LDI2011.

Bad Boy has been featured on many high profile concert tours, television and film productions including the U2 360º tour, the 2010 Winter Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and the feature film Iron Man 2.

Session Highlights: 

1. Understanding the uses and differences in the CMY and Quantum color systems

2. Working with the designer color and gobo wheels

3. Maintaining the iris, optical system, and servo motors

4. How to use the onboard programming 

5. Tips and shortcuts for working with the Bad Boy

Taught by: PRG Product Manager Chris Conti and PRG Training Coordinator Marion Hall

1:00pm - 2:00pm
Networking Basics

With the growth of media server and LED technologies, concert touring systems have become more and more sophisticated, relying heavily on complex networking infrastructures to distribute data. This class focuses on the fundamentals of tour networking with emphasis on establishing good set-up practices in order to properly maintain data networks in a dynamic environment.

Session Highlights: 

1. DMX-512 basics
2. Art-Net protocol
3. Cabling and routing
4. Troubleshooting tools

Taught by: PRG Product Manager Chris Conti and PRG Training Coordinator Marion Hall

2:00pm – 4:00pm
The Series 400® Power & Data Distribution System 

Attendees will study the widely acclaimed Series 400 system, which provides a reliable and safe system that distributes both power and data with one integrated cable for automated luminaires and remote devices. All DMX addressing can be programmed offline or at the rack, as well as convenient “at the rack” re-addressing. Instructors will provide application tips from recent projects in multiple markets, including Special Events, TV, Concert Tours, and Broadway.

Recent projects using the Series 400 Power and Data Distribution system include the U2 360º tour, Britney Spears tours, the 2010 Winter Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, The Tony Awards, and The Addams Family and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway.

Session Highlights: 

1. How the S400 system works
2. Laying out a system using the S400

3. Setting up and trouble shooting your power and data networks

4. Detailed explanation of available components for the S400 system
5. Offline and live configuration, addressing and patching of the system 

Taught by: PRG Product Manager Chris Conti and PRG Training Coordinator Marion Hall

The training will be held at PRG, 9111 Sunland Boulevard Sun Valley, CA.

Register before November 4 and save $100.

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