Jad Abumrad Jad Abumrad

Podcast With Jad Abumrad: The Sound Of Radiolab

The Dolby Institute and SoundWorks Collection's Conversations with Sound Artists—a podcast series focusing on the art of sound with commentary from some of the best sound experts in the business—returns for Season Two. The first episode this year featured sound designer Nevin Steinberg who discusses hit musical, Hamilton.

Radiolab is one of the most distinctive sounding shows in the radio and podcast world. In this episode, creator and co-host of the show Jad Abumrad talks about how he uses music as a metaphor to explore abstract topics like what a manta shrimp sees when it looks at a rainbow, why it’s important to drop into the story mid-stream, why he deliberately disrespects the boundary between sound effects and music, and how he aspires to tell complex stories without words.

Listen to the Conversations with Sound Artists podcast, featuring Jad Abumrad and moderated by Glenn Kiser.

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