PLASA Does Business At LDI2011

PLASA's Business Resource Group is pleased to announce its business development workshop for LDI2011 in Orlando, FL. One of the group's most popular business speakers, Eric Morgenstern, has agreed to return for an unprecedented third appearance.

Morgenstern, president of Morningstar Communications, previously presented two of the groups' most highly rated business workshops. In 2007, he presented "In the Trenches: Small Business Strategies" and in 2009 he presented two sessions on "New Strategies for a Changing World: Marketing in Today's Economy."

This year's topic is "Think excellence, not difference". "The marketplace is crowded, and your customers have countless opportunities to choose one of your competitors... In today's marketplace, smart leaders have to reinvent the rules of competition to meet consumer's expectations and desire for the best product or service available," Morgenstern shared in the Summer 2011 issue of Protocol.

David Schraffenberger, general manager of Production Advantage, Inc., commented on the 2009 session. "We've been able to adopt strategies from every one of Eric's workshops I've attended. These strategies are still in place earning us profits every day. When Eric speaks, I listen. I wouldn't miss this session for anything!"

This workshop on branding, positioning, and strategic marketing plan development will be a game changer for anyone managing a business in our industry. The session is broken into to two parts: an "Executive Breakfast Briefing," Thursday, October 27, from 8:30-10:00am, followed by an "Afternoon In-Depth Session" from 1-5pm.

Attendees may join for either the morning executive briefing, the afternoon in-depth session, or both, as their schedules allow. Register here.

For more information, please contact Kacey Coffin at [email protected]

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