One Mentorship Slot Open For BLMC

We know we're down to the wire, but we just had a cancellation for one of the mentored spots at the BLMC on May 24-26..(someone got a paying job... the nerve!). BUT that means that one lucky person can attend the Broadway Lighting Master Classes for free (tuition, Spider-Man ticket, b'fasts, box lunches, and a luncheon at Sardi's all included.... on your own for housing and transportation though).

Hear the masters speak: creative consultant Jules Fisher and a faculty comprising Kevin Adams, Christopher Akerlind, Peggy Eisenhauer, Beverly Emmons, Wendall K. Harrington, Donald Holder, and Clifton Taylor...

See the all-new version of Spider-Man on Broadway...

Enjoy lunch and two Spider-Man design panels at Sardi's...

See new gear at the Manufacturers Showcase..

All for free? Impossible but true! email [email protected] and come to the BLMC.

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