New for New York: The Dulanski Group Sales Agency


The Dulanski Group has opened its doors as metro New York 's newest lighting sales agency. Located in White Plains, NY, they represent the following lighting manufacturers, and are dedicated to quality, innovation, and service:

Finelite –A wide range of direct and indirect lighting, with speedy 10-day shipping schedules, pricing to work within any budget, and shapes to work with any project type.

Metalumen –Distinguished design for direct and indirect lighting sculpted from formed and extruded aluminum.

Kirlin –Since 1895, leaders in innovation for recessed and surface- and bracket-mounted downlights, wall washers, and adjustable accent lights for incandescent, fluorescent, and HID. See these items and their product offerings for shallow plenum, healthcare facilities, swimming pools, vandel-resistant and IC-rated applications by clicking on Kirlin.

Visit The Dulanski Group to see the latest in lighting innovations from these and more manufacturers.

Contact the office at (914) 328-5557.

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