Michael T. Strickland Forecasts Relief Bill Post-Election

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Now that a great many political moves have played out, this is where we sit in regards to additional relief.

I will not get into the “why” and “what for” in this e-mail.

Everything that happens for the next 2 weeks is purely for political reasons and not for need based reasons.

Everything. Please understand this.

The House and Senate are not is session and everyone is at home working in their area to be reelected.

Remember that all 435 House members are up for reelection as well as 35 Senators.

They are 100% focused on re-election. There is still tremendous pressure from those up for re-election to pass relief this week, as many believe they stand a better chance of re-election if another relief bill is passed.

The pressure on Leadership both sides of the aisle is tremendous.

However, it is my opinion, as well as that of most people, that this will make no difference at this point.

My opinion now is that there will not be a relief bill before the election.

The Speaker of the House and the White House Chief of Staff spoke for an hour yesterday, and will speak again today.

States money perhaps seems to be worked out, but liability indemnity and language on vaccines still are unresolved.

The popular thought is that nothing will be agreed to this week, and even if it were, it will not be brought to a vote until post-election.

I feel it is not likely for a resolution before November 3.

Once we get past the election, we will again start pushing for RESTART.

That is still the best vehicle for small business that is at or below 50% of income.

The good news is that while our industry is the only industry sitting out of work as a whole, there are hundreds of thousands of other small firms and their people in our same situation.

It will be the weight of all small business that is our biggest tool.

There is still  a prevailing belief that relief of some kind will come, even if just more PPP, more enhanced unemployment and an additional stimulus check.

The political battle and using relief as a lever will dissipate post-election which means the outlook for a relief bill in November is better than it has been in the last month.

The relief bill was used as a lever by both sides and has not yet been delivered.

Attached below is the schedule of when the House and Senate are again in session post-election.

Blue is Senate only in session , yellow is House and Senate both in session.

Conversations will continue post-election.

The outcome of the election may not be known immediately. We simply do not know when an outcome will be clear.

The Senate can act on a proposed bill delivered from the White House and the House Leadership during the week of November 9 to 13.

It could then be voted on during the week of November 16 to 20.

This is our next best moment to achieve relief.

If we miss that window, the next window is in December.

Everything hinges on when the results of the elections are “clear” to us. Not necessarily announced, but seemingly clear.

A landslide one way or the other is in our best interest for quick relief.

If indeed the election is close and is contested, it is unlikely any relief will be acted upon as all of the energy of Congress will be put into examining the results of the elections.

I am consulting with both Senators Young and Bennet’s offices as  well as Howard Schultz.

We will come up with the best “next step” to move us toward RESTART as the relief tool.

The fact that no relief has been offered increases the chances of RESTART being the vehicle. RESTART helps all small business and is not a targeted relief.

Post-election, no one will be pandering to a particular market segment to get votes or money. They should rather provide broad relief to all struggling small business.

We hope to have a good plan by the end of this week.

I realize it seems odd to do nothing this week, but please know that the focus is 100% on the election, and any endeavor we would make this week would not be heard at all.

Thank you all for your amazing efforts over the last few months.

We have made Congress aware that we are here and what our need is.

The last step is to score.

We will not give up on that.

Thank you for all you do and be safe.

I will send another e-mail with the game plan by weeks end.

Thank you,


Michael T. Strickland                                    

Bandit Lites, Inc.

Chair and Founder

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