Michael Strickland Update 9/24/20

(Union Station Denver, lit in red on September 1, 2020)

Michael Strickland, chair and founder of Bandit Lites, provides an update on the RESTART Act, taking time from his busy date to give us the inside scoop on the dealings on Capital Hill as Congress is pressured to pass a second stimulus bill, including language from the RESTART Act and ExtendPUA. The live events industry remains closed so this kind of economic shot in the arm is essential to so many. Go to www.WeMakeEvents.org and send a letter to your senators asking them to act now. WeMakeEvents North America organized the #RedAlertRESTART event on September 1, with over 2,000 buildings lit in red as a call to action for our industry.

Strickland was also featured this week at medium.com in an article titled "What Has Rock and Roll Ever Done For You? by Laura Frank, in which she describes the life of one of the busiest men in Tennessee!

As of today, NAMM sent a second letter to Congressional Leadership. Read it here.

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