In Memoriam: Stan Schwartz


Today, October 16, Rosco Laboratories announced the passing of Stan Schwartz, who was Rosco’s long-time Executive Vice President, as well as a mentor and friend to many in our industry.

Rosco shared this statement on its Facebook account:

Stan started his journey with Rosco as our Marketing Consultant in 1970, officially joining as an employee in 1981, and continued as our Executive Vice President until his “official” retirement in 2013. He continued as an active contributor and consultant. During his years with Rosco, the company saw tremendous growth and development. To a large part, that growth was and continues to be a result of Stan’s efforts.

Beyond his devotion to his family and his career at Rosco, Stan had many passions. He was a lover of theatre, opera, ballet, and an avid fan of the New York Yankees and the New York Knicks. He personified the “New Yorker” to customers around the country; loud, impatient, gruff…but also bright, open and warm.

Stan was direct, sometimes harshly so. Though it was never personal, he had his opinions, wasn’t shy about sharing them, and wasn’t afraid to tell you he was right. Stan was also the first to give a compliment, dole out accolades, and give credit where credit was due.

Upon his retirement, Stan said, “I loved every minute of it. That’s mostly because of you, the people with whom I’ve worked. I have been constantly stimulated by my colleagues; they bring a keen intellectual edge to their work and remain passionate about it.” While Stan recognized this in his Rosco colleagues, he truly exemplified that edge and passion and inspired it within others.

The legacy Stan has left with Rosco will continue, through the wisdom and insight he bestowed to all who were fortunate enough to know him.

Stan’s legacy is immeasurable and I am honoured to have made his acquaintance. Thank you Stan. Our industry owes you a huge debt of gratitude. — Adrian Goldberg, TAD Lighting Services Ltd.

Please feel free to send your thoughts and memories of Stan to [email protected] to add to this in memoriam.

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