Medialon At Core Of AV Installation At Alcatel-Lucent In Paris


Integrator IEC is using Medialon Manager show control software to manage the Dataton Watchout system in the Alcatel-Lucent headquarters’ showroom in Paris. Alcatel-Lucent provides solutions that enable service providers, enterprises, and governments worldwide to deliver voice, data, and video communication services to end-users.

IEC handled the entire AV integration at the head office of the multinational communications giant, which includes a video on demand system and two Panasonic 103-inch plasma screens, three 71-inch plasma screens, and five 20-inch plasma screens.

With offices worldwide, IEC develops innovative solutions for all aspects of a project from planning and installation to maintenance and technical support. “The screens are the first of this size and type to be installed in France,” notes IEC marketing manager Philippe Galland. “As one of the principal suppliers, Medialon manages the distribution of HD images from the server. An html interface has been developed to control Medialon from equipment installed in the showroom.”

Videmus, a French integration company that specializes in video projection, show control, and dynamic signage, supplied the Dataton system and helped IEC with Medialon programming. Eric Lambert, the manager of Videmus, was in charge of the technical aspects of the project.

Most of the device drivers come with an already-designed user interface, which can be used as it is or integrated into custom user screens.

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