Martin Professional 2007 Distributor Awards

Martin Professional showed their distributors a bit of love by handing out a number of distributor accolades at a special dinner and awards banquet on Saturday, September 8, at Vinopolis, London’s unique wine tasting venue on the south bank of the Thames.

The Martin 2007 Distributor Awards recognized exceptional performance in a number of areas:

Distributor of the Year: Best sales performance/improvement over the past 12 months and the largest sales growth over the past 5 years.

Winner: A&T Trade, Russia

Martin Gazelle Award: Fast collection of orders and rapid market penetration for new products.

Winner: Fairlight, Holland

Most Outstanding Projects: Strong dedication to extraordinary project sales.

Winner: Martin Professional Middle East

Best Customer Relations: Exceptional attention to customer service and customer satisfaction.

Winner: LTT, Poland

Best Marketing: Excellent marketing including brand development, creative marketing, local marketing initiatives, reference documentation, website, and more.

Winner: Show Technology, Australia

The Allan Toft Award For Photography: Outstanding photographic documentation of projects.

Winner: Martin Professional Japan

Honorary Award: Remarkable market growth and excellent business performance over the last five years.

Winner: Audio Concept C.A., Venezuela

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