March Online Exclusive: The Live! Show

Illuminating moments from the UK event

March 2001

Live! Awards 2001 winners

Audio Product
Gold Award: XTA SiDD processor
Silver Awards: Nexo Alpha E
EAW KF-900

Audio Control Desk
Gold Award: Midas Heritage 3000
Silver Awards: Soundcraft Series Five
Allen & Heath ML5000

Audio Production Company
Gold Award: Britannia Row
Silver Awards: SSE Hire
Cane Green

Lighting Product
Gold Award: Martin Professional MAC 2000
Silver Awards: Coemar CF7
Clay Paky Stage Zoom 1200

Lighting Control Desk
Gold Award: Flying Pig Whole Hog II
Silver Awards: Avolites Pearl 2000
Vari*Lite Virtuoso

Lighting Production Company
Gold Award: LSD / Fourth Phase
Silver Awards: Bandit Lites
Neg Earth

Staging Product
Gold Award: Stage One Creative Services Q-Motion
Silver Awards: Total Fabrications T2 Truss
Summit Steel Smart Mast

Staging Company
Gold Award: Edwin Shirley Staging
Silver Awards: Star Hire
Stage One Creative Services

Video Production Company
Gold Award: PSL
Silver Awards: Nocturne
Black Pig

Transport Company
Gold Award: Redburn Transfer
Silver Awards: Stage Truck
Edwin Shirley Trucking

Tour Catering Company
Gold Award: Popcorn
Silver Awards: Snakatak
Eat To The Beat

Crowd Management Company
Gold Award: Showsec
Silver Awards: Show & Event Security

International Production Company
Gold Award: Bandit Lites
Silver Awards: Vari-Lite Production Services
Ampco Pro Rent

Excellence In Training
Gold Award: Pulsar Light
Silver Awards: Avolites

Tour Production
Gold Award: Robbie Williams
Silver Awards: Moby

Festival Production
Gold Award: V2000
Silver Awards: WOMAD

Theatre Production
Gold Award: Beauty and the Beast
Silver Awards: The King and I
The Lion King

Production Manager
Gold Award: Wob Roberts
Silver Awards: Brian Ormond
Steve Levitt

Sound Engineer
Gold Award: Ray Furze
Silver Awards: Helen Garrett
Gary Young

Lighting Designer
Gold Award: Dan Hardiman
Silver Awards: Andi Watson
Liz Berry

Avolites Young LD
Gold Award: Steve Abbis
Silver Awards: Rob Gawler
Nick Jevons

Live Video Director
Gold Award: Dick Carruthers
Silver Awards: Chris Keating
Richard Turner

PCM Rigger
Gold Award: Phil Broad
Silver Awards: Tony Maxwell
Al Beechy

Set Designer
Gold Award: Mark Fisher
Silver Awards: Liz Berry
Jim Day

Gold Award: Metropolis
Silver Awards: SJM

Gold Award: ITB
Silver Awards: Helter Skelter

Gold Award: Brixton Academy
Silver Awards: Wembley Arena
Manchester Evening News Arena

After a shaky change off staff in 1999 the Live Show re-consolidated it’s position in the concert market’s social calendar last year, and for 2001 celebrated with more exhibitors and a whopping 25% increase in attendance for it’s associated Awards Dinner.

The high numbers may be the result of a more bullish expectation in the European concert market, everyone spoken to at the dinner is forecasting the busiest touring year for some time, but there’s no denying, early February is still a quiet month and a good time to go out and network.

The first day of the exhibition also saw the Live Show’s highest ever level of attendance in a single day, with the ever popular LSD/Fourth Phase sponsored bar being packed from the moment it opened at 10:30. No, that does not mean the expo’ degenerated into a rowdy cocktail party by midday, but it is interesting to watch the culture clash as US business people, such as the venerable Ted Lemy of JBL, sit at a table with Europeans who quietly quaff a Brandy with their coffee (at 11:30am). The intensity of business appears undiminished by the alcohol, and indeed, who’s to say the added conviviality it engenders doesn’t contribute to the wheels of commerce?

Live Show still retains an emphasis on audio, but the lighting industry remains well represented, and indeed even saw the launch of one or two new products embellishments for the UK market.

Avo Lites now have production fully up and running for their Art 24 Dimmer launched Sept/Oct last year at PLASA and LDI. Sales Director Steve Warren reports over 200 sales of these systems since early December.

Avo’s also hosted some interesting new software from independent producers, IRAD. In brief the software will take any JPeG or GIF file you feed it, and allow manipulation of scale; rotation, CYM colour; to any video image system, projector, video wall, whatever; and it’s all controlled from the DMX light desk of your choice — in this instance an Avo Azure 2000.

Acutek, a dedicated hoist control manufacturer (previewed by TMB at LDI) showed their new modular power distro for moving lights. The basic unit is a 3U high module with 18 channels individually breakered @ 16A each; a four module rack (72 channels) is just over three feet tall, including a fully protected Camlok to mini-cam mains module with constant digital metering of V & A on all three phases.

Total Fabrications Ltd (TFL) revolutionary T2 trussing system — winner of the PLASA Product Excellence award last September — has just gone into production, with three UK organisations taking pilot runs of the system in late February. The first trussing system ever to integrate personnel safety with the support of entertainment technology, there is eager anticipation for the feed back from these pilots.

Martin Pro displayed the production model of their Exterior 200, launched at LDI 2000, but it’s first appearance in the UK. Of most interest to visitors was the arrival of the Mac 2000 with an electronic ballast. As well as a weight saving of 13lbs, the ballast is claimed to enable a 25-30% increase in light output.

Brightness was an issue too for Coetech, who made Live the venue for the official launch of their 2.4 Super Cyc. This high power architectural colour (CYM) washlight uses dual 1200W MSD or MSR bulbs, offering a choice between intensity or bulb life. The Super Cyc’s automated yoke allows 425 degree Pan and 212 degree Tilt. The hard edge variant of the CF7 designated the Hex, was also on display, LD Vince Foster putting the lamp through it’s paces. "A new chip improves optical output by 20%" said UK sales manager Lee Frankcom, ", a front lens has been added to protect the lamp from smoke ingress, and Pan movement has also been refined considerabley".

Vari*Lite wore a definite lightness of being on stand, "we have orders already" said an uppish Simon Roose (European Dealer Manager) when drawing attention to the new Virtuoso DX. The first time this desk has been seen in Europe, it attracted equal attention to the 2202 (the sales version of the VL6B) with the new 700W lamp inside. "Easily the brightest lamp of it’s type on the market," continued Roose, "and the 3:1 zoom is proving a popular feature." The 2202 has standard VL6 colour wheels plus a CYM colour cross fade system; the zoom feature gives 15-57 degrees beam-spread.

Alongside Vari*Lite sat Set, Lighting & Sound, a company dedicated to the dry hire of moving light inventory. Although their stand was largely populated by the full range of Martin Pro products, S,L & S were most chuffed to be the first dealer in Europe to offer the VL2202 and will be adding the 2402 soon. Vari*lite, it would seem, now have all their bricks in place to be a proper sales company.

MilTec (UK) Ltd Showed the Night Colour Pan from f.a.l., an outdoor projector (rated IP44) fitted with a 1200W MSR. The unit has 340 degree auto Pan, but fixed Tilt angle, and accepts up to four N sized gobos.

Zero 88 have captured the mood of the moment, launching the Frog, and the Fat Frog, their successors to the immensely popular Sirius range of lighting desks. The higher featured Fat Frog can control up to twelve moving lights plus 48 channels of dimming, the desk is all menu driven and very straight forward. The ‘fat’ variant also features a simple moving-light effects generator, while the standard Frog is for conventional lights only.

Two items of note on the AC Lighting stand; the Jands Event 4 console now has new software (available free) which features a built in effects engine bringing this budget desk up to full moving light capability.

AC Lighting has also upgraded the two larger members of the Chroma Q family of colour scrollers. The re-engineered eight-light and 5kW unit are now more user friendly to service, and improvements have been made to mechanical reliability.

Pulsar took a suite adjoining the main expo’ floor to provide a demonstration room for the Stage Zoom 1200, a useful environment in which to show off it’s many powerful features.

Pulsar also managed to raise a smile by featuring the French manufactured Con’dome (only the French). The ‘dome is a weather proof enclosure for moving lights outdoors, and comprises a base plinth with built-in fan that inflates a transparent plastic cylinder above to enclose the lamp fixture. A simple electric interlock between fan and lamp power ensures no deflated con’domes can be ruptured by over vigorous thrusting of the moving head.

CM Loadstar’s favourite European dealer, PCM brought their constant search for improvement to the working environment of the hapless rigger with the Fibre Ladder. Made from a continuous weave nylon tube (not unlike a tiny Spanset) the Fibre Ladder uses Carbon Fibre dowel inserts for the rungs for strength, lightness, and a non-abrasive interior stiffener. SWL 160kg, (352lbs)

And that about sums up the show, non abrasive.

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